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Romantic Piano Music of the 21st Century

Michel Villanque
composes new romantic piano music that forms a bridge between traditional romantic music, such as Schubert, Schumann, Chopin and Skrjabin, and the music of the modern period. Villanque’s music is composed in the romantic esprit and induces a new spirit into the classical scene, a scene that can sometimes be mistaken for antiquated.

Those who experience Michel Villanque’s classical music find an excellent opportunity to discover “living” classics and with this discovery gain a deeper ground into the entire world of classical music. One reason why Villanque’s music reveals the classical world is due at least in part to the diversity of his career which has spanned folk, rock, punk, funk jazz, classical, and R&B, to name a few music genres.

Villanque’s complete works for piano are published exclusively by FERO classics as separate editions and CD recordings.

Erinnerungen (Memories)
Villanque’s debut CD can be considered a reminiscence of music – its simplicity, transparency, sentimentality and elegance.

The title “Romy” is a dedication to Romy Schneider. The song is an interpretation of her life and destiny. “Herzklopfen” (Heartbeats) is a song about being in love. “Schneeschmelze” (Melting Snow) is a tale about the return of Spring, a season where not only the snow melts but also passions emerge.

Fernweh (Wanderer)
The second work by Michel Villanque is a further continuance of his work in terms of its melody, however it is more expressive in harmony. Eric Satie is considered to be one of the great artists by Villanque due to his broad range of artistic skills. He was a painter, a writer and a bohemian in one. He was someone who was interested in everything around him and who translated his thoughts and his experiences into action. “Stilles Gluck” (Quiet Bliss) finds its place in Fernweh, a composition for piano dedicated to Eric Satie.

“Freundschaft” (Friendship), a song that is about the boundless interpretation of the possibilities of a friendship, is the best-known composition on this CD.

Mitten Im Leben (In the Midst of Life)
The third work by Villanque presents his guiding principle for life – be right in the middle of it instead of only being present. The music on this CD is based on Frederic Chopin who was the greatest romanticist of his time. It is not only Chopin’s virtuosity that enchants us, but also his divine sense of harmony and his endless opulence of melody and richness.

“Mitten im Leben” (In the Midst of Life)

as long as the feet bear you so far
and many queries are still open
as long as finiteness urges time
there is the chance to feel the present

In the piano composition “Ballade” (Ballad) a similar richness can be found. “Das Haus am Meer” (The House at the Seaside) is a narrative about the happy life at the Villa Villanque. The “Harlekin” (Harlequin) is a story about life and is for all those who are still in search of love and life.

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