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Michel Villanque
mitten im Leben (In the Midst of Life)
Frederic Chopin was one of the greatest romantic composers of his time. Like Chopin’s compositions, Michel Villanque’s works for piano in “Mitten im Leben” are opulent in color and harmony and constitute a natural mixture of classical romanticism and a new romantic music.

Frank Federsel, Piano

Listening Samples:
The House at the Seaside 40 sec.
The Dance of the Mermaids 20 sec.
In the Midst of Life 1:47 min.

All samples are in MP-3 format.

Das Haus am Meer (The House at the Seaside)
Tanz der Meerjungfrauen (The Dance of the Mermaids)
Kinskis Labyrinth (Kinski’s Labyrinth)
Mitten im Leben (In the Midst of Life)
Harlekin (Harlequin)
Schmetterlingswelten (The World of a Butterfly)
Scheideweg (Cross-roads)
Straßen des Lebens (The Roads of Life)
Erinnerungen Nr. 5 (Memories No. 5)
Reise in die Fantasie (A Trip Through Fantasy)
Deine Augen (Your Eyes)
Zwinkern (The Blink of an Eye)
Erinnerungen Nr. 6 (Memories No. 6)
Ballade (Ballad)
Epilog (Epilogue)

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